Our team

Albert van Kasteel and Willem Jaap Engbers, both physiotherapists, could not be more different; yet, they share this one passion: golf. In 2012 this passion inspired them to set up a Golf Clinic.

Convinced that everyone can be a good golfer, they feel strongly that every player should be able to play golf free of injuries, and with their programme they have been successful at this. Since the foundation of their clinic the two men have worked closely with several golf clubs:  Drentsche Golf & Country Club, Golfclub de Compagnie,  Grünberg Golf Academy, Golf Talent Nederland. Consequently, many players, from top golfers, young talents, and recreational players have found their way to our Golf Clinic.

It is because of the personal and individual approach to individual players’ physical capabilities and limitations and the trainers’ cooperation with the players that every player is able to achieve their personal maximum result. Each player will achieve their own individual goals, which will match their physical capabilities, and their game as golfers. We invite you to come and improve your game, so that you will enjoy playing golf even more.


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