Willem Jaap Engbers

Golf plays an important role in my life. Five years I've been to North Dutch Golf & Country Club played in the first men's team, including one year in the league. Unfortunately I was forced by injuries to take a step back. Those injuries sparked my interest in the (sports) physiotherapy with a specific preference for golf and shoulder related disorders.
Interested in golf and physical therapy is one thing. This interest actually managed to turn into a profession is another.
After studying physiotherapy at the Hanze University Groningen, had I finished and started studying in the (para) medical supervision of golfers. Soon I came to the world famous TPI (Titleist Performace Institute) visit. I hereof medical educated in Denmark and Sweden. To further broaden my knowledge I took several courses next TPI at home and abroad including at K-VEST.
The most important lesson I've learned over the years is that golfers who are truly successful, best know how to use the power of their body. Rory Mcilroy to Miguel Ángel Jiménez.
Every golfer wants to be successful. Successful in achieving results. A good result can be a lower handicap but also a pain-free round. I would like to help you on your way here and I meet you at one of our locations.
Relevant education
• Physiotherapy
• TPI Medical 2.3
• K-VEST 2
• SpartaNova
• Back to Golf
• GolfPhysio & GolfPhysio Trainer
• Dry Needling
• Ultrasound
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