Our method

The approach of Golf Clinic North is based on a biomechanical approach "of the golf swing. We investigate how the body moves to guide the golf club and not know how to hit a golf ball. For this we have established a specific physical examination which all movements are examined incurred during the golf swing. With the aid of a 3D motion analysis nothing remains unnoticed.
The golf club will always be the path of least resistance is not always also look if this is the right way. We analyze soil motor characteristics such as agility, strength, endurance, coordination and speed. We work closely with several golf professionals to the golfer as a team to offer a complete program for improving the overall golf swing. Our thought is that the body must first be able to make the right move before the golfer is able to make a good golf swing.
Many swing errors, uneven swings and injuries are the result of failure to be able to be able to make a biomechanically correct golf swing. The cause may lie in a joint restriction with an immobilization because of an imbalance between mobility and stability.

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